Friday, April 23, 2010

In honor of South Park

As I'm sure all readers know, South Park producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone had their latest episode censored due to some nutty Muslims who threatened them with murder. Yes, I know, the nuts denied the threat, but just happened to included the address of the South Park production studio, showed a disgusting picture of the murdered Theo Van Gogh (caption: "Theo Van Gogh - Have Matt Stone And Trey Parker Forgotten This?") and said that they would "probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show." Looks like a threat, smells like a threat and, well, it is a threat.

An interview with the Younus Abdullah Mohammed of the website, Revolution Muslim, revealed that he thought, "Islam will take over the world." That comment should be no surprise to anybody who understands Islam. It is a cult fixated on converting all (or killing those that won't). He also said that America is made up of, "Darwinist faggots who are as despicable as the rest, walking around eating your Triscuits." I can't explain this last comment, but it is quite funny.

Anyway, in honor of South Park, I would like to post a great interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Anderson Cooper:

For further fun, here are the famous Denmark Muhammad cartoons:

And, finally, here's the image that was posted on the hacked Revolution Muslim website:


The Lazy Desi said...

While I am in favor of Islamic critics and people who choose to bravely and skeptically question this raggedly religion of the desert; I think Ayan Hirsi Ali should be taken with a grain, nay a sea, of salt. I consider her no different from the Danish mullahs who fabricated cartoons to inflame tensions. Her documentary had nothing to do with art or criticism of religion for that matter. I have seen videos of her in discussion with the Danish parliament where they begged her to not argue like an ignorant fool with the muslim community so as not to enrage them but she persisted and the result is the eventual death of Theo. Her book is just as much a work of fiction and lie as was Rigoberta Manchu ( Just because she fabricated lies about the alleged abuses committed on her during her youth and they happen to mirror rural african muslim practices doesn't make it true or any more deserving of the publics' sympathies. Watch any of her interviews on youtube and it will be apparent that she doesn't know anything deep about he Islamic religion other than what is infamous in popular culture yet she is touted as lead critic. It is ignorant bozos like her and the media that backs her up that make it hard to dialogue as well.

On a side note I do muslims in the US have this false sense of being a special religion misunderstood by the public and should be free of any criticism or ridicule. It is high time someone with some balls in the government or media steps up and tells them to suck it up!

Silly Allah said...

Do you have any evidence to support the assertion that she fabricated abuses?

Also, on Theo - I thought that was because of Theo's movie specifically and not related to her technique of arguing. Again, do you have any evidence here?

I am open, but I would like to see the facts.

The Lazy Desi said...

I thought I recalled watching a documentary where she was specifically questioned if FGM was performed on here stated in the book but she responded by saying that it was more of a general story than her story. Unfortunately I am unable to find it again. It is either gone or my memory has been distorted. I apologise to you and your readers and I take my comment back till I can find further proof.

As for Theo; What I meant to say was that her helping Theo in making that film eventually resulted in his death. I watched the short film when it was available on youtube and it was nothing short of propaganda. It contained nothing substantial other than material preying on the sympathy of western viewers and reaffirming their belief's that women are brutally abused in Islam. When the truth is that women are abused in every 3rd world country. Muslim countries are no exception. The only difference in muslim countires is that the Quran is used as an excuse for the abuse where as in other 3rd world countries it is mostly tradition (for lack of a better word)
My beef with Hirsi is that she is ignorant about Islam and lacking any depth on the topic or the role any religion plays in indoctrinating minds. Which is exactly how I felt about the film Submission. When you watch the first few minutes of this documentary(leaving aside the rest of it):

you can hear her say "it is my religion. I can call it backwards".

Comments like that make me think she her sole purpose is to drum up propaganda and gain sympathy. She doesn't really understand what religion is. Comments like this inflame the situation creates misperceptions rather than a stage where meaningful dialogue can be had. This is quite unlike South Park who understood the current climate where we have way too many apologetics who think Muslims are just misunderstood and not really violent people.
I know this shpeel on Hirsi doesn't really relate to your post about South Park directly so I do apologise if this distracts your readers too far from it.