Thursday, May 14, 2009

George Galloway's Muslim Bias Exposed

Hilarious. Watch Georgie squirm in his seat. He tries to counter attack, but resorts to the tu quoque ("you too!") fallacy. The great part is that the interviewee turns it around on him.

What's so funny is that Galloway is completely blind to his bias. He can't tell the difference between facts and what he wishes were fact.


American Crusader said...

Fool is too stupid to see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Hello SillyAllah! I hope you are doing well :)

I have been studying fallacies, and I found two that completely discredit Islam. I'm not the first to find them, I'm sure, and I doubt Muslims will accept them, since Islam forbids them from asking questions (because those who ask questions lost their faith), but here are the two fallacies:

'Begging The Question' - Mohammed's prophethood. He claims to be a prophet because Allah has chosen him, yet he himself gave the revelation in which Allah says Mohammed is a prophet.

'Appeal To Authority' - Mohammed on the prophets. He claims to know who the prophets of the Bible are based on supposed revelations, but he isn't a true prophet (see above fallacy).

Silly Allah said...

Hey Nick,

Don't forget Ad hominem and tu quoque (you too!). A typical quote is "Look in you own Bible before you criticize the Quran"

Anyway, here's a post just on fallacies

Thorum said...

I wanted to thank you for your good work and wish you a happy and healthy New Year!!

Suki Cheema said...

Oh my God (not allah)....George was abysmal. The other chap was too slick and prepared and sent Goerge to land of 77 virgins (he wishes)