Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reaction to Fitna - Pat Condell

There have been a number of reactions to Fitna:

From Muslim countries: Seething, with threats of violence.

From Western nations: Condemnation and cowardice. The freedom of speech that we hold dear is discarded at the slightest threat.

No political body seems to speak for me. Internet bloggers and Youtubers are the only ones that are being honest and direct. My favorite...Pat Condell:


Haid Dasalami said...

This video is one of his best.

As a religious person, I am often rubbed the wrong way by Condell's strident criticism of all things theistic, but I do admittedly find him immensely entertaining when he isn't bashing MY religion.

Besides, I sometimes even find myself in agreement with the sentiments behind his incisive digs at the excesses of my fellow coreligionists, truth be known.

It's his linguistic flair, I suppose. I've always been a pushover for a well-turned phrase, and Mr. Condell turns 'em like crazy.

Anyway, I'll be back around, Silly.

You take care.



Silly Allah said...

Linguistic flair - you mean "Islam without violence is like an egg-free omelet"? That one cracked me up.